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Best place to Visit in Italy by the New York Times

Our area is in the top list

Recently the NEW YORK TIMES has made a list of the best places to visit in Italy...we are on the list ! Massa Carrara is our region and is full of special travel trips for those who love the unique !

First of all is an area perfect for a road trip off the beaten track, you can start from incredibly beautiful mountains and arrive at the sea in less than 1 hour ...visit castles and tiny villages with mountain views and then go for an aperitif to the seaside...with incredible sunsets. Here Michelangelo have chosen the marble to make one of the most famous statue in the world..the DAVID.

But is not the only thing to do... you love art ? You find an incredible choice of local artists or artisans with little shops or even artisan workshops where they work slowly every day.

I am Ilaria and I search the best hidden gems in Massa Carrara and I am very happy to share with you some travel tips. Search the one you prefer !

New York Times: Massa Carrara on the top list of the best place to visit in Italy


These are some of the places that I recommend in our area: National Park of Appennino, Alpi Apuane Natural Park and the scenario from a tiny village of Quarazzana , a XV cent. borgo with cows wild still...a really hidden gem in Tuscany for travelers that search the authentic . Best place to Visit in Italy by the New York Times.

ART in Massa Carrara

Some of the places that I love are artisans workshops... I've spent many time searching for place where the Italian art is presented as his best, most of them are hidden corners to discover . One of my favorite is Pietrasanta : discover Museo dei Bozzetti or a workshop with exhibition like ArKad or one of the most delicate artists I know .Grazia Abbate , she has a ceramic workshop in Rometta near Fivizzano.

FOOD TIPS in Massa Carrara

The area of Massa Carrara is also famous for food... but not that kind of new restaurants with crazy chefs... but the traditional authentic food that has the smell of wood ... full of history.. of family that work from many years in the same little shop or restaurant... look at some of my tips ! A cheese farm , a winery with organic superb wine and a local grocery that does the best focaccia than ever !

SPECIAL PLACE TO SLEEP in Massa Carrara surroundings

If you search for the special ... you can sleep in Quarazzana, tiny village with breathtaking view of Alpi Apuane. Have you seen a Fellini's movie ? the atmosphere is something of unique. A house of XV sec. where the time seems to stand still. An unforgettable experience. Ilaria and Stefano renewed this building with a touch of charme that will make your stay a real highlight of the vacation. To be in this hamlet is like to stop the time... and the smile and take care of your host they will make your holiday unforgettable, not to mention Leonardo's son's food! Sleep in

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