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Relax Garden and Pool

Borgo di Quarazzana is an oasi of charme and relax a large holiday house for groups in Tuscany. Around the borgo we've created relaxing corners where to read, to do yoga, or simply enjoy the sound of nature in full relaxation protected by the magnificent view of the Apuan Alps but also common areas where you can all drink a glass of wine together or dine under the stars, such as the splendid medieval courtyard.


In the large garden that surrounds Borgo di Quarazzana you will also find our organic vegetable garden where we cultivate seasonal vegetables and harvest them for you in the morning.


Another angle of peace and great atmosphere that is very much appreciated by our guests is the
elderberry's corner
: an ample space equipped very intimate and fascinating where you can meet for outside activities or yoga access our hall.


Each corner of the Borgo is thought to be inspired by the place, all the sensations that transmit these ancient houses in stone where you can still breathe the taste of the simplicity of past, the scents of a forgotten rural world, where the time seems to stand still...


Spending time at Borgo di Quarazzana means being  reclaiming your own inner space, abandoning the stress of modern life reuniting with nature and rediscovering yourself.


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